What are Dirt Armor mats for and why use it?

What are Dirt Armor mats for and why use it?

Our easy-to-clean vinyl mats help promote cleanliness and design for your business, home, and more! Our mats are made of flame resistant, 100% recyclable vinyl. The vinyl filaments are thermally melted onto a vinyl blanket.

What sets our mats apart from other is it's resistance and customization. We are able to use custom logos and ideas to bring your mat to life! Having your logo as the first thing your guests or customers see helps them remember your brand or invitation to your home! If you don't have an exact logo but have an idea, our team can help customize a mat of your own.

There are also 3 thickness options when choosing a mat; high, medium, and low traffic. Each option gives flexibility to both price and use. Hotels and high-traffic locations are more likely to need our heavy duty option to support a large flow of people. On the other hand, home and pet mats can be made with a low traffic option that is still more resistant compared to other mats on the market.

Our mats are also able to withstand intense weather differences. This makes it possible for it to withstand rain, dry weather or even intense heat. In addition, it can last for years with regular maintenance and does not leave the marks or footprints. Whether for companies and condominiums, homes or vehicles, and many other locations; our vinyl mats are the best option for you!

Where would I use a Dirt Armor mat?

The possibilities are endless:

  • Business Fronts
  • Condominiums or Hotels
  • Homes
  • The coffee bar in the lobby
  • Under the cats litter box
  • Beneath the shoe rack by your front door
  • Anywhere that dirt is an issue!


What are the benefits of vinyl mat?

Durability and Resistance 

Our products are strong and made of high quality materials, making it lasts longer than most mats (with regular maintenance). 

Dirt Retention

Our mats use the vinyl fibers to help brush and contain much of the dirt without leaving it on the surface. This helps store the dirt underneath the vinyl fibers and at the bottom of the mat, making cleaning a breeze.


The mats can be used indoors and outdoors, without suffering any weather or traffic damage. 

Non-slip Features

The mats help remove water from the bottom of shoes which is helpful for restaurants and slippery locations. They also help resist areas with sitting water, allowing for each step to be on the top layer of vinyl fibers. Water can then be shaken out of the mat while being cleaned. 

Flame Resistant

One of the best benefits of vinyl mat is that it is flame resistant. This makes it more secure in any environment, especially those with high temperature (garages, kitchens, etc.).