About Us

About Dirt Armor

Working as a family, Dirt Armor Mats seeks to promote a synergy between people, creativity, working with products that respect the environment, promoting social actions and encouraging voluntary community actions as well.

Our mission with Dirt Armor Mats is to provide quality products and services with integrity and professionalism for total satisfaction of our clients, creating a greater relationship between clients and company. We strive to have our customers feel good showing off their custom requests while maintaining cleanliness.

With a total focus on customer service, Dirt Armor Mats strives to always be easy-to-reach and to add value to our customers. Our philosophy is to always find the best solution for our customers.



Our vinyl mats can promote an elegant look in any environment. Personalized or not, it manages to exceed expectations in the every way. It is produced by flexible vinyl synthetic fiber, which makes it possible to customize the mat in most shapes and sizes. In the production of the item, several strands of vinyl intertwined with each other are used. The non-skid vinyl bottom helps keep your mat in place while it does the dirty work 

Our mats are made of flame resistant, 100% recyclable vinyl. The vinyl filaments are then thermally melted onto the 10mm vinyl blanket. It is more resistant as compared to others. It always maintains a clean appearance, as it manages to retain dirt at the bottom of the mat. The vinyl mat is also able to withstand intense weather differences. This makes it possible for it to withstand rain, dry weather or even intense heat. In addition, it can last for years and does not leave the marks or footprints. Whether for companies and condominiums, homes or vehicles, vinyl mats are the best option, as they offer greater durability.