Get things rolling

Roll your mat and take it to an area that it can be shaken. Do not hold the rug by its edges.


For a thorough clean, use neutral detergent and rinse thoroughly. Never use chemicals on your mat.


Use a vacuum cleaner

You can also clean your mat with a vacuum cleaner occasionally, though we do recommend shaking the dirt out.


Sticky Situations

For very dirty scenarios (stepping in gum, droppings, etc) you can wash your mat with a pressure washer machine but it MUST be on the wide-open fan jet. 


Cleaning Frequency

The frequency of your cleaning highly depends on the amount of traffic you'll get, dirt type and filament thickness.



Lay your mat flat for ideal drying and NEVER hang mats to dry to avoid warping your vinyl.



Make sure the desired location of your mat is clean and dry before putting it back.



If you are not currently using your mat or wish to put it away, roll your mat with the vinyl filaments facing outward for best results. DO NOT fold your mat.