How It Works

Stop dirt in its tracks every time with our Dirt Armor mats! Our easy to clean, durable vinyl mats help you keep your home and business tidy. The signature intertwined vinyl fibers trap dirt, foliage, litter, pet food and more 75% better than any other mat! The non-skid vinyl bottom helps keep your mat in place while it does the dirty work. Our mats are made of flame resistant, 100% recyclable vinyl. The vinyl filaments are then thermally melted onto the 10mm vinyl blanket.

 The possibilities are endless as you can use your mat for many different uses:

  • Simple marketing solution for your business
  • Easy to clean restaurant back of house mats
  • Keeping your pets feeding area clear
  • Cleaning a cats paws after it uses the litter box
  • Adding a custom touch to your home and office
  • Much more

When you order your mat, we help determine your level of traffic with the corresponding thickness of the loop-like fibers but you can also request a higher quality. We provided you with many colors to choose from so your mat can fit in with the décor of any home or office!